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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Really Good Hummus

In a very exciting development, Giant now sells the best hummus there is (readymade, at least) -- Sabra hummus. I picked up some this evening, and the following exchange took place at the register:

Grocery Bagger Dude: [quizzical] Hummus? What's hummus?
Cashier Lady: [perking up, after sullenly ignoring my "Hi, how are you?" a few moments before] Yeah, what is that? Everybody's been buying it.
Me: Well, it's made with chick peas, olive oil...and other stuff...it's really good. It's Middle-Eastern.* Everybody's buying it because this particular hummus is really, really good.
Grocery Bagger Dude: What do you eat it with?
Me: People eat it with pita bread, or you could put it on a sandwich, or you can dip vegetables in it.
Cashier Lady: Huh, crazy, I never heard of that.
Grocery Bagger Dude: You learn something new every day.

Now, if only Giant would stock my favorite Sabra variety, Hummus with Roasted Pine Nuts...

*Although my geoculinary description is more accurate, Sabra has apparently done some market research and found that "Go Mediterranean!" makes a better slogan than "Go Middle-Eastern!", which, at this particular political moment might be taken by some to mean "Go Terrorist!" (Also, real hummus is made with tahini, not olive oil.)


Andy said...

I think I agree about the Pine Nut flavor. I was eating some of the Roasted Red Pepper tonight and thinking it's not so great how, in addition to the glob in the center, they mix the peppers in with the hummus as well so you can't get any of the straight stuff at all.

reed said...

I was just tonight enjoying some delicious hummus at the Harvard dining hall in a so-called "Brain Break". (In fact, it's pretty cool--every night, they basically bring out all the stuff they have left food-wise, and have it available, at no cost, from 8-10:30pm) The hummus and tabouleh really hit the spot tonight!

Brian said...

Personally, I'm a big fan of the Sabra Babaganoush. You should try it, if you haven't yet. Don't get too much, because you may eat it all at once and then feel sick.

The new "Mediterranean-style" marketing are pretty funny. The company was started by an Israeli and "sabra" is both the national fruit of Israel as well as a nickname for an Israeli person (the fruit comes from a cactus and is prickly on the outside but sweet on the inside). The new owners clearly want us to all think it's Greek.

teague said...

I'd always noticed the Babaganoush, but already knowing how much I like the hummus, it was hard to convince myself to try something else. They might not have it at Giant...but I'll try some if they do.

gastropodblue said...

Not sure if you like fishy-tasting things as well, but have you ever tried taramasalata? That shit will take over your life and give you cold withdrawl sweats when you run out. It is THAT good. Well, if you like fish roe.