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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inauguration pics

I finally posted my Obama inaugural pictures to Flickr. I didn't actually take that many pictures on the day, as it's hard to take good pictures of a crowd, and we were of course way too far back to take pictures of the actual event.

It was pretty cool. So many people.

Leaving the Metro station:

Moving toward the Mall:

The crowd behind us:

As an aside, in the summer of 2004, I remember being at a BBQ in Minneapolis, and we were talking about Barack Obama because he was running for Senate and had just been chosen to keynote the Democratic National Convention. Everybody thought he seemed very promising, and several folks thought he might be president someday. One was heading off to public policy grad school that fall and said, "Well, we want him to wait a while and get experience so that we can start our careers and have a chance of working in his administration." Didn't work out that way...

Anyway, I'm off to Texas all this week for work, which I'm looking forward to.

1 comment:

lj said...

Pretty awesome. My aunt, who lives in a suburb of DC, watched from some reception in a hotel in downtown DC. She said that while she didn't get to see anything of the actual event that she couldn't have seen at home on TV, it was really amazing to see so many people so happy. Apparently there were no arrests all day in DC?

She sent me a link to these pictures, which include some of the neatest I've seen. I especially like the satellite photo of the crowd, and the ones from around the world (including the MoA! Ha!)