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Monday, April 13, 2009

Small Worlds, Part VII

Tonight was the DC Listening Lounge monthly get-together, which I always enjoy. In addition to the audio, there was yet another small-world coincidence to appreciate.

A writing teacher from a suburban high school has been coming recently because he's been doing audio work with his students. He played a piece he made with his class, and then had to duck out a bit early so he could get up in the morning. As he was wishing us goodnight, a guy who doesn't usually attend (but lives in the house that hosted this month's event) asked what grades he teaches. "10th and 11th grades, though I think they're going to give me some 9th-graders next year," he said. "Whoa, watch out," said the dude, "those 9th-graders, they can be troublemakers." As the teacher was walking by him on the way to the door, the guy extended his hand and said, "I ought to know, I was one of those troublemakers." He simultaneously shook the teacher's hand and removed his hat, as the teacher's face registered total shock. The room erupted in gasps and laughter as he and his former student went over what year it had been and what they had been up to since.

This was definitely the most cinematic social coincidence I've witnessed -- in the way it played out in the space, in what the two of them said, and in their reactions to recognizing each other. Made my evening.

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