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Friday, May 29, 2009

In Dubrovnik

I've had a great trip so far -- London, Oxford, Zagreb -- and Laura
and I arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia this afternoon.

I'll do the obligatory showing-you-my-vacation-slides thing when I get
back, but for the moment, I wanted to add another social coincidence
to my running log.

Laura's been in Croatia for a while now, and has become friends with a
few folks in the city, including a family from the US who are living
here for a time. We went over to their place last night to cook
dinner (delicious!). In the course of conversation, we discovered
that they know my old roommate Zachary's sister, and have met Zach

Funny to come all the way to Croatia and still run into people with
mutual acquaintances. But of course, it's not like some Croatian guy
I struck up a coversation with at the market happened to go to
kindergarten with my brother...now that would be weird.


Mama JJ said...

Was is Mark and Erika? Tell them I said hi! (And I bet your dinner with them was truly delicious---they are excellent cooks...)

Mama JJ said...

I mean, "was it"---dumb typo. Or maybe it should be "were they..." Regardless, I think you know what I mean.

teague said...

You are correct. Though Mark was out of town for the weekend, so it was just Erika and the kids. It was great to hang out with them for an evening...