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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Long ride

Aron and I leave on our bike trip to Pittsburgh in less than a week. While we've each biked 60-70 miles in a day a number of times, this trip will still be somewhat challenging -- about 315 miles over four and a half days. So yesterday we decided to bike a good long way to prepare for the trip. Our route took us out to Purcellville, VA, and back, for a total of about 93 miles. It would have been a nice round 100 if we hadn't wimped out and hopped on the Metro for the last bit into DC as it got dark, but it's still the farthest I've ridden in a day. We packed a bunch of unnecessary stuff in our panniers to make sure it was good practice, and put in a respectable 14 mph average speed.

Only a bit sore today. I think things are looking pretty good for the trip -- it's a great time of the year to be biking through the Appalachians, both in terms of temperature (highs in the 60s) and foliage. I'm also looking forward to seeing a bit of Pittsburgh, which I've never visited. Zach moved there a couple months ago, and is generously letting us crash at his place. We're planning to arrive there on Wednesday afternoon, but our Amtrak tickets back to DC aren't until (very early) Friday morning.


lj said...

The time I went to Pittsburgh one place I saw was the Mattress Factory, which might be interesting to you. (It was a split decision for me: some interesting things, some "Uhh...okay...," but overall a interestingly different art museum.)

teague said...

Thanks, LJ -- looks cool. I've been preoccupied with planning the getting to Pittsburgh, still need to make my list of things to do once we're there.