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Friday, February 25, 2011


Hey, long time no blog. I've been busy (see previous post).

I saw this amusingly-written NY Times article on growing plants from seeds found in the kitchen, i.e. those that come in your produce or spices. In discussing the hardiness of some types of seeds, an anecdote is cited: "In 1940 when the Natural History Museum in London was bombed and the fire brigade played their hoses upon the ashes, seeds of the legume Albizia cheerfully woke up and germinated on the herbarium sheet where they had been placed in 1793." In addition to that being a cool story on its own, I really love the personification of the legume. The image of these seed-Van-Winkles being oblivious to the fact that they're in a busted display case in a war zone (and sprouting happily) is funny and sort of touching.

And, did Mercedes-Benz really use that Janis Joplin song in their Super Bowl ad? I can deal with an Iggie Pop song about heroin being used to promote Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, but licensing a song for the exact inverse of its intent seems like it's crossing some sort of shamelessness rubicon.

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lj said...

I still think the worst offense in the category of counter-culture music used in ads was the commercial (for Wrangler jeans maybe?) that used "Fortunate Son" by CCR as a patriotic song. They used the opening lines, "Some folks were born/made to wave the flag/ooh, they love the red, white, and blue..." with flags on screen, skipping over, you know, every other word in the song.