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Friday, May 06, 2011

Mission critical carpet

Being a new homeowner, I found myself in Home Depot a couple weeks ago. Walking through the floor coverings department, a carpet sample panel caught my eye. Not because of the carpet itself, but the name of the style:

Mission Critical Visionary? What? That's a strange name for carpet, even stranger because the display made it clear that this line of carpet is for homes, not offices.

I flipped through the rest of the panels of samples, showing the different styles, and every single name was straight from corporate-speak. There was "Corner Office," "Value Added Self Starter" (all the necessary hyphens were missing), "Chairman," and -- I kid you not -- "Ground Breaking Due Diligence."

How on earth did someone decide these would be good names for home carpet styles? This is difficult for me to fathom. (I did not note the manufacturer, and Googling some of these names and "carpet" didn't turn up anything....)


Chicha said...

Maybe they are china-made and literal english translations of names were employed.

hannah said...

Chairman! Chairman carpet! So wonderful! Perhaps if you had carpet like this, you'd be better and coming up with and implementing timeline-oriented action plans!

Another thing to do at Home Depot is to look at toilet names. They have one called the Admiral. Admiral Toilet, the worst ship commander ever. And there is another called the Titan. It is guaranteed to send me into spasms of laughter every time.

Becca@Carpet Cleaning Melbourne said...

Maybe your right... the carpet design might came from other countries that makes the name very different. Me too cannot understand how it hapens, but I think if the materials are in good quality is what matters most.

carpetcleaning said...

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