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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Home invaders

So, it's bad enough to have mice and rats in your house. But you know it's a bad sign when plants infiltrate your home:

I found this plant coming through the baseboard the other day. Couldn't believe it. We're showing the place to potential housemates right now, so I wanted to get rid of our new foliage ("uh, yeah, we like to keep a natural vibe"), but I'd sort of like to show the maintenance guy when he comes just to make a point. So it's still there right now. It's behind the bar, so people aren't that likely to notice, anyway.

Looks like we'll decide on someone to take our empty room by the end of the weekend. Three people have already said they would like to take the room, and I'm showing it to a couple more today and tomorrow. Then we'll have a little house conference tomorrow afternoon and see who we think would be the best fit. Actually, April and Jason are out of town and Steve hasn't moved in yet, so I guess Dana and I will be the only ones conferring.

I'm working from home on Monday (brought my laptop with me any everything) so that I can be here when the exterminator comes, and so that I can go to a midday meeting with a professor at the medical campus about a possible thesis topic.


LJ said...

So do you tell potential housemates about all the wildlife? I was just thinking that that's gotta be a little awkward.

btw, thanks for putting up those pics from the trip.

andrew said...

Looks to me like a new roommate has already found you.

teague said...

I tried to hit him up for rent, but didn't get any response. Stonewalling.

LJ, I did mention that stuff to potential housemates...but I said "rodents" or "mice," never "rats." Oh well; I think we're done with rats, anyway...the maintenance dude is going to patch our holes next week.

LJ said...

Heheh...I wonder how Maryland law deals with sublet agreements signed by vegetables.

So remember the Uptown building with the "sexy bathrooms"? This NYT piece reminded me of that. I could be down with a fancy-ass bathroom with a big tub and all that, but I'd still think eating breakfast in the bathroom would be weird.