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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wiped out

Whew. I feel like I've been going non-stop all summer -- that free time hasn't really materialized. I guess I do leave home at 7:00 am and get home at about 7:00 pm each weekday.

Of course, I did have a nice vacation last weekend, even if it was slightly hectic. I left for the airport straight from work on Friday afternoon. Coincidentally, I saw Dan Poppy on the Metro on the way there; he was also going to the airport, and also going to Minnesota (though not on the same flight). It seems like I've run into him randomly in odd places several times since Carleton.

Sun Country Airlines, based in Minneapolis, runs a single flight out of Dulles each weekday. You have to sidle up to the Continental counter to get your boarding pass -- almost seems illicit, like somebody's going, "Pssst! Want some Sun Country?" Anyway, part of their schtick is that you get a hot meal on board. On the way out they announced that they would be coming around to give each of us "A cheeseburger and a cookie." Sounds sort of like kindergarten. Anyway, the cheeseburger was disgusting -- tan, flavorless meat and a bun hardened on the outside from being microwaved inside its plastic bag. I ate it anyway because I was starving. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this.

It was great to see everybody in Minneapolis, and especially nice that I unexpectedly got to see Sebastian and Becky the first night even though they were going out of town for the weekend. Andrew and I took a ride (with me on Eden's bike) out the Greenway on Saturday morning and went to the French Meadow for breakfast, two things I really miss about Minneapolis (I should probably add that I miss Andrew, too).

We left for St. Croix State Park midday Saturday, and stayed there for two nights. Matt, Risa, Alex, John, Hannah and I went. It was quite nice, as I will now demonstrate through a photo montage:

We went for a long hike on Sunday.

We took a break in the Kettle River (which flows into the St. Croix). There were lots of crayfish, but unfortunately also some leeches.

The foil packet dinners the first night were delicious.

Climbing this fire tower was pretty cool.

Anyway, I returned to Baltimore to find that housemate Sarah (in NYC for the summer) had suddenly decided to move out before our new lease starts in August. Having just completed arrangements for Steve and Caitlin, incoming students in our program, to move in, this threw everything into flux. Caitlin understandably doesn't want to be the only woman in the house, but at this point there are no more females in our program looking for a room. So I posted on Craigslist for a female roommate, and a few people responded. I'm showing the house to four women today and one tomorrow. Both of the ones I've already met seem cool, and hopefully we'll get one or more who wants to take it and have everything squared away. I hate this housing crap.

Tonight I'm going to see Belle and Sebastian, with Ted Leo and Broken Social Scene opening. It's at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia; nobody else from Baltimore is going down with me, but I'm meeting folks from work there. Should be great.


ReeD said...

Your trip sounds like a fabulous success. I'm glad you talked about Sun Country; I had a similar experience. Luckily for me, I got a grilled cheese and bag of doritos instead oa cheeseburger (being the vegetable that I am and all). I did feel like a small bowl of jell-o would have been rather fitting. The grilled cheese was certainly sub-middle school quality.

Hooray for Minnesota, Craigslist, and Belle and Sebastian!

teague said...

I would agree that the trip was a fabulous success. As for Sun Country, I got the grilled cheese on the way back. I agree that it was pretty poor, but not nearly as repulsive as the cheeseburger...