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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Considering an Ark

What had been a couple days of rain on Sunday has now turned into what feels like a week of rain. It rained incredibly hard Sunday night, and apparently we got something like 7 inches. I obliviously toodled down to the train station as usual on Monday morning, only to find it chock full of stuck commuters. Originally the trains weren't going all the way to DC, but by the time I got on one they had fixed the track flooding. My 45-minute delay was mild compared to the folks in my office who live in DC, where the Metro wasn't coping so well.

It was still raining (though less ferociously) yesterday, and for much of today as well. Tonight we are supposed to get several more inches of rain, so hopefully I can get to work tomorrow.

Jaclyn and I went to see Calexico last night in DC. It was the first time I had been to the 9:30 Club, the best rock venue in the city. For those familiar with Minneapolis, I would call it a classier version of First Avenue. Since we didn't have anything else to do after work besides get dinner, we got to the club early and stood right up front, which I enjoy. The opener, Jason Collette, was quite good, I thought. Calexico was great, with that really nice southwest vibe that doesn't feel at all forced. I love the horns. And I was pleased that they played Crystal Frontier and Quattro (though not with the full mariachi band onstage). All in all, worth getting back to B-more at 1am.

Non-sequitor: For those who had some interaction with Josh Grier at Carleton, you might find it surreal to see him in a music video or on MTV.


applegac said...

Funny you should mention an Ark.

Matt and I were grocery shopping at Costco when we were accosted by a suspicious-looking man in a suit with a clipboard who wanted us to know that, as a benefit of being a Costco member, we could give him our phone number, and he could call us, and we could talk to him about financial planning if we wanted to. We _didn't_ want to, actually, and in an effort to make his offer more appealing, he regretfully chose an "Ark" metaphor to convince us: It's like I'm Noah, he says, and I only want the people on the boat with me who also want to be there. I'm not trying to get everyone on the Ark, just a handful of people who really know what's going on.

Um, try again. First, I think you have your Ark story a tad jumbled, and second, pretending your financial advice has religious implications is the best way to get me to raise my eyebrows, quit with the politeness, and walk away.

That story aside, "Considering an Ark" is a great title for your post. Hope you made it safely and punctually to work today!

teague said...

Yeah, religious metaphors and financial advice aren't exactly peanut butter and jelly.

A couple of the other MARC lines were closed today, but the Penn Line just had small problems, so I got to work fine. But on the way home our engine went kaput on the way out of the station, which led to me being part of a ravenous mass of commuters swarming the next available train...

Anyway, that's not interesting, but what is interesting is that I'll see you guys this weekend!