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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rainy Sunday

It's raining here today, so I'm just hanging around inside. We've had some pretty fierce thunderstorms throughout the week. Maura and I were leaving work at the same time on Monday amid one such storm, and since we were at risk of missing our MARC train, we made a break for the Metro despite the torrential downpour. Despite my travel umbrella, we got unbelievably soaked during the 2-block walk, and as we were getting on the escalator down to the Metro station, lightning struck the flagpole right in front of us. Yipes.

The weather was good, however, for the Physical Infrastructure picnic on Thursday. It was quite nice, though as government employees we had to pay for our picnic ourselves. The most amusing part of the day was the "Blue Book Toss." Blue Book is the colloquial name for a GAO report; mine only went about 10 feet.

Last weekend, Steve, an incoming MPP student, was here to check out the house. He seemed cool, and liked the house, so it looks like he'll be taking John's place. April has decided that she's going to stick around while she finds a job in Washington, so she'll be taking advantage of our extra bedroom for a couple months, and we'll find someone to replace her. To that end, Liz, another incoming MPPer, looked at the house today, and will decide by the end of the week whether she wants to live here. Jason is figuring out this week if he's moving out or not.

The mice had been gone for a while, but we just saw them again. Our landlord is going to come patch holes again tomorrow, but also offered to split the cost of an exterminator with us. I think we're going to do that, because the rodents are getting hard to take.

Anyway, it's hard to believe, but it's less than a week until my 4th of July camping trip in MN with Carleton folks. Should be great!


applegac said...

It's been lovely and rainy here, too, down south of you. I hope it's been good for your tomatoes. We're finally getting some ripe sungolds, but the bigger tomatoes are just as green as can be.

And since I've turned this into a comment about produce, you should know that those of us taking a trip down to Northfield next Friday are hoping to fill a couple of buckets with wild black raspberries, like we did last 4th of July. I imagine we can save some back for when you arrive later Friday evening. I can't wait, for the berries or the camping!

teague said...

It is good for my tomatoes. Some of the leaves are turning yellow (not sure why), but some of my tomatoes are reddish and on their way to ripe. (I got the early-ripening "Big Boy" variety. There are probably 20 of them on the way on just the two plants!

Oh my goodness, those black raspberries are so good. That was great last year. I'm glad to hear that you're going to go down to pick some, but somehow I'm skeptical that there will be any left by the time I get there late on Friday evening...

hannah said...

Teague, are you saying that we have no self-control? We are fully capable of saving you some berries. Honest.

teague said...

Black raspberries have a way of demolishing self-control. We shall see, eh?