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Monday, June 12, 2006


I saw a couple movies this weekend. An Inconvenient Truth was quite good, I thought. I didn't rush out to see it when it opened because I felt I didn't need to be convinced, but it did drive home the importance of the issue and add to my understanding. In talking about it with Reed, he said it seemed less overwrought than other "message" documentaries he's seen, and I think I agree. I think that might be in part because such documentaries have a tendency to make their issue seem like the most important thing in earth, which they usually aren't, but in this case the film really was addressing an issue with worldwide, big-time import. Also, after seeing the film you understand why people are suddenly saying "Al Gore for president" with a straight face again. While there are plenty of problems with another Gore candidacy, we could certainly do much worse.

I also saw A Prairie Home Companion. I'd call it a nice little movie that was really pleasant to watch, but didn't knock my socks off. I enjoyed how the humor was understated (well, mostly) and how the film developed a very enveloping sense of place and feel. I also took pleasure in the fact that I, too, have eaten a grilled cheese at Mickey's Diner -- and after seeing Prarie Home Companion, at that!

Another way in which I'm ending my popular culture hiatus: A bunch of concerts are on my schedule for the summer, benefitting from the combined offerings of the Baltimore and DC scenes. Matt Pond PA this week, then Liars, Calexico, Belle & Sebastian (w/ Broken Social Scene and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists!), The Weakerthans, and the Drive By Truckers. And probably some more I haven't found out about yet. I'm excited about the prospect of traveling for work, but hopefully our trips will happen to avoid the weeks with good shows.

Meanwhile, with John moving out and Sarah in NYC for the summer, logistics for the house have fallen to me. Sarah and I are definitely staying here, but April and Jason might be leaving. Trying to get those uncertainties pinned down and line up incoming students to fill the empty spaces promises to be a bit of a headache.

I bought cold cuts from the deli counter at the grocery store for the first time ever today (roast beef, fyi). Seems like some sort of life event, so I thought I'd note it.


lj said...

You seriously had never bought deli cold cuts before? What's the story here?

May I suggest Genoa salami.

teague said...

Nope, never before. It just always seemed like something that other people do. And maybe I was just a little intimidated. But those cutting machines and people in creepy hairnets aren't so scary anymore...

lj said...

And ain't it better? I think so, anyway. It does perhaps feel excessively grownup-like.

gastropodblue said...

Oh, man, deli cold cuts are the best thing for a lazy Sunday lunch. That, combined with some nice bread from the bakery counter, and perhaps a nice cheese from the cheese counter...ah, bliss.

And LJ is right--you gotta get the Genoa salami.

teague said...

Perhaps I should clarify that I haven't eaten cold cuts much in general, but the few times I have it's been prepackaged. (Like on our roadtrip through the southwest, LJ -- we kept buying cheap bread and cheap Carl Buddig cold cuts. That was probably the cheapest two-week vacation I'll ever take.)

Jesse, it's funny you should say they're great for lazy Sunday brunch, because I got them for quite the opposite reason, to make sandwiches to bring to work. And I don't know about the Genoa salami, guys...sounds bad for me.

(My blog features extended discussion of cold cuts.)

lj said...

We had to keep buying them because the wind would blow our sandwiches away! Rahr.

Can't be any worse for you than whatever scary chemicals are in prepackaged Oscar Meyer/Carl Buddig/etc meat. And so tasty! DOOO IITTT!!!!!

gastropodblue said...

Ooh, maybe I should bring cold cuts to work...never thought of that!

btw, don't forget to add some nice honey mustard or similar condiment.

I am obsessed with the art of the sandwich.

teague said...

This week's sandwich:

- "Southwest" bread from the farmer's market (w/corn, jalapenos, cheese)
- Roast beef
- Tomato
-Pepper jack cheese

lj said...

That sounds like a very tasty sandwich. I wish that's what I had just eaten for lunch...

One I worked on the other week:
-cream cheese
-onion (sweet like vidalia is best. a whole slice seems to be more structurally sound than individual rings)
-kosher salt and ground black pepper (it is optimal to put the salt on the 'gadro and the pepper on the 'mato)
-either open face on a bagel or (closed face?) on wheat bread
I ate these on the spot...I guess it might not fare well packed up all morning, getting mushy.

Jesse, what *do* you bring to work? I guess I'm a little baffled by all this because a majority of the lunches I've ever packed for myself involved deli cold cuts.

I *love* that the longest comment thread on your blog thus far was been about Meat.

lj said...

oh! and toast the bread! tasty, but more importantly it holds up better in the face of the mushifying influence of the avo, cream cheese, and mater juice.

teague said...

LJ, what the heck is "avomagadro"? Is it avocado. Aside from my confusion, the sandwich sounds very tasty...

lj said...

It's like an avocado, but more funner soundinglike. Actually it's more like 6.022 x 10^23 avocados.