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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fishy Fishy

Erin visited briefly on her way to visit Matt and Risa in NC, spending last night here. So I was a bit perplexed when I got home from work last evening to find a package waiting for me -- from Erin. This was odd, seeing as she would be arriving in a couple hours, and was driving, so it wasn't like bringing what was in the box would have been difficult.

I opened the box and found a ferocious shellacked fish:

There was no note or explanation, nor any reason I could think of that Erin would send me this fish. (It appears to be a piranha.)

So, Erin arrived later:

Me: By the way, uh, thanks, I got the fish today.

Erin: What?

Me: The fish you sent me -- I got it today.

Erin: Fish? I didn't send you a fish.

Me: [showing fish] Somebody else sent me this?

Erin: Holy crap!

We examined the box for clues.

If you look closely, you can see the letters "MSP" on the barcode sticker, and the ZIP code "55111" on the postage sticker, which was clearly purchased from an automated machine to avoid detection of the illegitimate return address. A check with the USPS website confirms that it was sent from Fort Snelling, which shares the same plot of land with the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

I think the evidence points to Sebastian/Becky as suspect number one. Other "persons of interest" include LJ, Hannah, Andrew, Eden and Alex.

Anyway, the piranha decided that Erin's coconut shampoo made her too pleasant-smelling to devour.

What's especially funny is that no one else knew Erin was visting yesterday, so the fish's near-simultaneous arrival was a coincidence.


applegac said...

And "Teague" apparently sent a pirahna of his own to us this week, without card or note. No pictures yet, but if we had pictures, they would show our disgusted and fascinated faces as we opened the package. Our conversation mostly went like this: "Tee-egue?!" And then more "???"
We decided since you hadn't sent a card, we weren't going to do you the favor of calling to complain about the dead fish you sent us. Now we know. The culprit is in Minneapolis. Very sneaky.

teague said...

Ah, very interesting. But will we get anyone to fess up?

Meanwhile, I'm not quite sure what to do with mine. Right now he's making sure my window air conditioner doesn't try anything funny...

Quigliscious said...

I suspect that I might have a fish too when I get home from my trip... Also, I tried to get a suspect to confess the other day while visiting Jo in Alexandria, VA, but no luck! We'll get to the bottom of this...