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Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm on YouTube

My YouTube profile says that I have watched a staggering 1,679 videos since joining in June. I don't remember exactly when I joined, but it works out to around 14 videos per day. Yipes! That must count repeat watchings...I've probably watched that OK Go treadmill video 20 times. (My favorites list is a running tally of my favorite music videos on YouTube.)

Anyway, yesterday I actually posted some videos myself. You can watch them through the magic of the internet. I haven't made anything lately, so they're all from a while ago:
  • An angry montage of the Target/Cub Foods development in Northfield. It was built while I was in college, and I was mad about it because it made downtown Northfield more like a tourist attraction and less of a real town. I took the pictures for this at 3am, and I wrote about getting pulled over on the way back.

  • A weird piece that shows how to make molasses cookies with the assistance of DJ Shadow. Moves a little slow at times.

  • The movie we made for DVD Fest junior year at Carleton, a musical number of sorts surrounding "Ooh Child" by the Five Stairsteps. (A number of readers of this blog helped make it.)

Other things I made in college were just too embarrassing to watch now. Not like I hate them now, but I'm just not sure I want other people to see them. I would have posted our spoof Library Patrol, but a bunch of the clips were missing on my hard drive. I've got it on tape somewhere, so perhaps I'll get around to posting it at some point (perhaps I should ask Peter first).


doug said...

Nice videos, Teague!

Plan for Teague World Domination:

Do films of baking set to groovy tunes, call the series "Baking Remixed" (ha!), become the new LonelyGirl15. Oh! And you could mix the dough while dancing on a treadmill!

(... Use proceeds to market Lyttle Tittles.)

teague said...

Thanks, Doug. That plan is diabolical -- but I think there's a significant obstacle to me becoming the next LonelyGirl15 (you get one guess).