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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nesting Instinct

Perhaps it's winter setting in, or perhaps it's that I'm 26, but I have lately had the urge to make the house more home-like. Mind you, this is only in relative terms, since I spend less time on this stuff than many others, but still noticeable.

Anyway, this manifests itself in the form of things like me sweeping the leaves and berries off the back walk, and buying items for the house. I went to Ikea yesterday and got a pot lid rack for the kitchen, and an end table and lampshade (to rehabilitate a lamp) for the living room. It was a little worrying how pleasing it was to spiff up that dull corner of the room.

I've also ordered some bike hooks to put my bike and Dana's bike in the former pantry (abandoned because of extreme rodent vulnerability). Actually, I got a new bike last week, but I haven't remembered to take a picture of it while it's light outside. I'll post about it later...

On a completely different note, here are some things you can learn by reading the Transportation Research Board's 50 Years of Interstate Structures: Past, Present and Future:
  • "It is clear that concrete has played a major role in the construction of interstate bridges."

  • "During the 50 years of the Interstate system, the culverts have matured right along with bridges."

  • "It is impossible to separate the history of steel bridges from history in general."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been doing that too the past year or so. Just yesterday I bought a picture frame to spruce up my dresser and then some mounting board for this other project, and I'm planning on going to the vacuum shop to fix up our old vacuum, so I can give the place a nice good vacuum. It's immensely satisfying!


lj said...

Well, I certainly feel enlightened and inspired. I kinda want to go admire a culvert or stell bridge right now.


teague said...

A little too satisfying sometimes. Makes me think of the Beulah lyric "No one wants to hear/about your hardwood floors." A generally healthy impulse that I hope to keep from becoming too obsessive...

Yeah LJ, I bet you didn't know before that concrete has played a major role in Interstate bridges. If you want additional inspiration, you should read the entire report. They also discuss the effects of "the fiendish events of 9/11" on security considerations.

hannah said...

Wow. And here I've been, taking concrete for granted my whole life. I feel this overwhelming sense of... awesome. That report is amazing, Teague. And congrats on your recent nesting efforts; I think that sounds very nice. Let's hear about the bike now!