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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No, you can't come in

(Sorry.) This was followed by susequent appearances at the screen door, asking "How about just with this intestine-spilling torso?", and other progressively more disgusting versions. It follows the original critter-munching incident, and another one this past weekend while Kitty was in town when Hershey turned a bird into a pile of feathers in broad daylight.

I realize this is all very deep-seated in dog instincts, but seriously, does an elderly eleven-year-old dog need to keep it up? And Hershey, if you're trying to make me barf, you're definitely on the right track...

Anyway, the dog and I will only be spending a bit more time with each other -- I'll be moving into my new place on Monday, with some help from my parents this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am impressed.

My old dog could never catch anything. It was one of her more adorable faults!

The best she ever did was the tail of a squirell.


lj said...

Reminds me of Hannah's parents' aging cat. When we were there in May, someone commented, "It's all just an act: one minute she's limping around like she's ill, the next minute she's catching squirrels."

At least Hersey didn't down a FULL GROWN DEER like my grandma's dog did recently. That created a bit of a disposal problem. (Not to mention making me even more scared of that dog than I was before)

lj said...

Also, best of luck with the move.

hannah said...

Gross! I am impressed. It has been the life-long dream of my mom's cat to catch a squirrel. Those things are fast, especially for an old (presumably slowish) dog.
Good luck on the move and with the parents.

teague said...

I'm really not sure how Hershey manages to nab these animals. She is pretty fast, though -- perhaps the forces of evolution are slowly creating complacent suburban versions of formerly elusive wildlife.

LJ, a DEER?!? Has the dog learned archery? I'm glad Hershey doesn't have any big game to take down here (or maybe all the African game trophies actually belong to the dog).

lj said...

I don't know how it managed to get the deer. My dad said he thought Pepper (the dog--guess what color it is? My grandparents' other dogs were named Red and Ginger) had originally gone after a faun and the mother intervened, which I can imagine would result in higher risk-taking than normal on both sides.

Pepper is a chow, which by nature seem to be extremely aggressive and grumpy with strangers (although very loving and loyal to their owners and well-known friends). When I was little, Red--also a chow-- once thought I was trying to steal his food dish, and so he bit me on the back of the head and chased me around a tree.

(Also, hannah corrected me that it must've been a chipmunk or rabbit that her mom's cat had caught after acting lame)

Speaking of squirrels, my sister just started at Macalester, and the campus has a population of black squirrels. "They're ninja squirrels!" she said.