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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This is Hershey, the dog who comes along with the house I'm sitting. (Or maybe the house comes along with her.)

She's very sweet, and as you can see, she's going a bit gray. But she still has some spunk:

Last night as I was about to go to bed, she was standing by the door to the patio, so I let her out. When she didn't come back in a few minutes, I went out to retrieve her. I found her in the dark, uncharacteristically standing in one spot on the yard. She acted oddly when I tried to bring her back in, skittering away. But a minute later she ran back in the open door. As I was heading upstairs to bed, I noticed that she was still acting strangely. I went over to her, and she avoided me again, but that's when I noticed that there was a mouse tail sticking out of one side of her mouth, and a mouse head sticking out the other side. Eeeew. I took her outside and tried to get her to drop it, but after a moment of that, she got the whole thing inside her mouth with a toss of her head, and then chewed, complete with crunching noises, and swallowed hard. Well, I guess that takes care of it...