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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Golf Cart One

Seriously, guys?

I guess I've always had a somewhat antagonistic emotional response to the whole apparatus of golf, so while that joke might strike many as funny (or at least "cute"), the collision of the golf course flip-ness with the daunting problems they've got on their plates rubs me the wrong way.

Not like I should really hold it against them personally, because the sign was probably somebody else's idea. But I do notice that Bush has his best golf cart drivin' face on. And Brown has his best unruffled Brit face on.


Matt said...

I groaned pretty loudly when I saw this picture yesterday. I'm not even anti-golf, but this just seems to really sum up Bush for me. Get a foreign leader in a golf cart for a photo op - you're on my turf, Brown!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Teague. The snobbiness and the implication of flip privilege that comes with the joke does not blend well with Bush's incompetence. It screams so loudly, "Look at me, I have plenty of money and power, and somebody takes care of everything for me all the time. Which would be fine, if I were good at my job, I suppose. But no, no, despite all this coddling, I'm doing my very best to fuck everything up for everyone else. Oh, and as you can see by my dumb little bumper sticker, I'm barely even aware that I'm doing it."

Grrrrrrr! I find the image almost unbearable!


PS. The face is pretty priceless, except that it only serves to make me angrier. ("THAT moron is running my country??!!")