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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Settin' 'Em Straight

In an appropriately dorky activity for me in the week before I start my new job as a policy analyst, I got a letter (last one on page) published in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune. Andrew had noted that the Strib ran a story on Minnesota's traffic being among the worst in the nation on the same day as an article about how many people bike to work in the city. I wrote in making Andrew's point, as well as noting that the figures they used to proclaim MN's traffic "worst" were totally wacky. I was pleasantly surprised when a couple people emailed me to say it had run -- nice.

Descending further into dorkiness, I couldn't help focusing on their copyediting of my letter, which involved a few small changes. They broke off the first sentence of my final paragraph and made it a standalone paragraph, which I found annoying. But I see that they did let me get away with using the first person plural, which seems funny since my letter is marked as being from Baltimore, but is nice nonetheless.

Anyway, speaking of Baltimore, I'm now moved out and housesiting in Bethesda. It's going to be pretty great -- I took the Metro down to Dupont Circle this evening to meet Lauren, Adam and Sarah for drinks, and it's really nice to have real public transit at your disposal for stuff like that.

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