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Monday, August 06, 2007

New Identity

Last week I went to the DC DMV for the second time to get my vehicular affairs in order. Despite the long wait, it wasn't actually that bad for those sorts of places. To get my car registered, I had to give up my Minnesota license (or "surrender" it, as the website put it). I was a little sad about it, partly because I still feel an affinity for Minnesota, and partly because my license photo was totally awesome:

When I got to the counter, the guy went through my documents, and upon inspecting the license, unceremoniously put it in a shredder that sat on the counter. Sigh...anyway, I've now got a shiny new DC license, and it's maybe a slight disappointment how respectable I look.


ReeD said...

That is sad... I loved that ID of yours.

In California, they just punch a hole in the corner of your old license, so I still have my Illinois one. And you have to "surrender" your old license plates, but I simply checked the box, "do not have them with me," which excused me from having to hand them over.

Nick said...

I don't know what is better about your old ID, the disheveled hair - or the disheveled signature.

teague said...

Well, my signature does tend to be pretty disheveled (and it looks different every time -- how can this be legally binding?), but it's especially hard to scribble something legible on those dang touch screens they use. Sort of like trying to walk on ice the same way you walk on the floor.