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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Small Worlds (part 2)

Kate and I spent much of the day at the place in Columbia Heights meeting potential housemates, showing them the house, and trying to get a sense (from little tidbits of information and interaction) who would be the best housemate for us. We told people to let us know by tomorrow if they're interested, and then we'll make a decision within a day or so. So hopefully we'll be all set by the middle of this week. (I was there yesterday, too, and went to the farmer's market that's a short walk away...it was pretty nice, and combined with a nice doughnut from the bakery, I'm getting pretty psyched about moving in.)

Anyway, we were sitting on the porch today talking to potential female housemate A, when potential female housemate B comes up the steps; they look quizzically at each other for a second, and then B says something to the effect of "Hey, what are you doing here?" Turns out they're friends from high school, and were even scheduled to meet up for coffee later in the afternoon. A few minutes later, potential male housemate A has arrived, and I'm showing him and female B around the house, when Kate brings potential male housemate B inside. "Oh, hey, how's it going?" says male A to male B -- A had previously looked at the apartment that B is moving out of. I refer to a previous post to explain this.

This was capped by the fact that while I was loading the groceries onto my bike outside the Giant here in Bethesda this evening, I ran into another guy who had been by to look at the house today...

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ReeD said...

Crazy! And I thought it was weird that I was a party last night and ran into Danielle Bart (who is now married!) and this girl Molly, from Carleton also, who I have seen randomly working at a couple different restaurants and on the bus all the time. Clearly, you win.

I'd also like to point out that my blogger word verification below is: goitereda.