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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Banana surplus

Me, Zach and Nils all individually purchased bananas, resulting in a record-high 16 bananas in the fruit basket. A plan has not yet been drawn up to deal with this market imbalance, but it may involve banana bread.

(P.S.: This means that our house is currently an "atheist's nightmare", according to Kirk Cameron's sidekick.)


Zachary said...

i'm going to eat all my bananas for breakfast!

teague said...

All seven in one sitting, I hope.

doug said...

You should make art!

Like this.

teague said...

Whoa, Doug, that's a lotta bananas. Looks pretty cool, though I see there's a lively debate going on in the comments about whether it's responsible to have 7,200 bananas up on a wall rotting when hungry people could be eating them. I think they should have the eating be part of the installation -- the bananas sit there on the wall until a precise moment when the signal is given to eat them, and then a crowd of people rush the wall and eat them. This would be especially awesome if the installation was put in a place where there would be lots of people who just happened to be around, like in a busy park in NYC.

Alex and I saw an installation at PS1 in NY a while back that involved eating...it was a room with oranges (and remains of oranges) everywhere, and you were free to eat an orange and add the skin to the whole display as you liked. It was a cool idea, and certainly memorable, though in the moment I think the excitement of getting to eat an orange (because I was hungry) outweighed the excitement of the art by a small margin.

doug said...

Yeah, I wish those bananas had actually been consumed -- it's definitely wasteful to just set them out there and let them rot, and I don't see "But it's art! Art isn't wasteful!" as a compelling justification. Maybe it wouldn't bother me if it were 10 or even 100, but 7,200 is really a lot of wasted bananas.

Sure does look cool, though.

It also reminds me of something one of the studio art majors did our senior year. Basically, it was a grid of apples (4 by 4 or 5 by 5 or something like that), with the top left being whole, and each subsequent one having a bit more eaten than the last, so that the final one (bottom right) was just a core.