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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Weekend Update

I had a great time visiting New York this weekend.

I went to Doughnut Plant Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I wasn't planning to go Sunday, but it's near where the Chinatown bus leaves from. I know, I know...but the doughnuts are SO good. I cannot believe how good they are. Here are the ones I ate, from best to still awesome:

Toasted Almond raised - I've always liked almond croissants, but it turns out a filled pastry is not the ideal vehicle for almond sweets -- a doughnut is. As long as it's the right doughnut. The light and clean flavor worked really well with the doughnut, and the "toasted" twist on almond was nice.
Tres Leches cake - The tres leches cream inside this cake doughnut mingles with the doughnutness in a wonderful way.
Orange cake - This doughnut had orange zest in it, and it was great.
Coconut Cream raised - [pictured above] This is an old favorite, pictured above, but I think it ended up being a little too much sugar for me at that point in the morning.
Orange raised - [pictured below] This was good, but I think the orange flavor worked better with the cake doughnut.

I did other stuff while visiting Alex besides eat doughnuts, of course, such as see a great movie, an indie rock show, a classical music concert, stay out with Nina, Shane and Megan until 5am, and see lots of art. I might do a post on the art later, there was some cool stuff.


Sebastian said...

Man, Teague. You are making me really, really hungry.

doug said...

Teague, you should quit your job, move back to Minneapolis, and help me open a doughnut shop.

Fame, fortune, grease ...

teague said...

Seb: I know! I was practically dying as I wrote the post.

Doug: Believe me, I would love to help you open a doughnut shop. I've recently become obsessed with chai tea, which is very tasty but seldom made well; it's good with doughnuts, so I've decided that I should open a doughnut and chai cafe. Actually, why don't you quit your job and move to DC, eh?