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Monday, May 05, 2008

Hummus part deux

I love my Sabra hummus, and I am very glad that Giant now sells it. I am even willing to forgive the fact that they aren't very good at stocking the cooler to keep up with the insatiable demand, and the fact that they usually don't have my favorite variety, Hummus with Roasted Pine Nuts. The stuff's also pretty expensive at Giant, so I prefer to get the big value pack 17 oz. container, but they rarely have those.

In fact, they have only had the big containers two or three times in the last six months (and I go to the store every few days). They have had the Pine Nuts variety exactly once, in the little containers. So, when I went to Giant on Sunday, imagine my excitement to find the hummus holy grail -- a single 17 oz. container of Hummus with Roasted Pine Nuts! It was sitting there in the sparse refrigerator case next to the only other big container, of the Chunky Hummus variety.

Perhaps my hummus excitement was visible at the register, because for the second time I was asked about it by the bagger. "So, is this chick peas?" she said. I went into my "Yeah, with other stuff, too...it's really good" explanation. And just like last time, she said that everybody was buying it, and asked me what you eat it with. I pointed to the pita bread in my bag and said that's how I usually eat it, but you can use it on sandwiches, vegetables, etc...

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