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Monday, August 10, 2009


My doctor told me I should go without dairy for a couple weeks to see if I'm lactose intolerant (sorry if this is TMI). So, the weekend before last, I ate the last of my yogurt in a grand dairy finale, and set off on a couple lactose-free weeks.

Only, it turns out I'm really bad at this. Witness:
  • A few days in, we have an "ice cream social" at work, and soon after I finish my sundae, I realize that I have sabotaged myself.  But I still have a solid 10 days before my follow-up appointment.
  • A couple days later at frisbee, some kids from a Jewish summer camp give us their leftover kosher pizza.  Score!  Unfortunately, I later realize that pizza involves cheese.
  • While hiking this past weekend, I happily accept an offer of cheese and bread.  D'oh!
  • On the way to my follow-up appointment this morning, I get a croissant sandwich...with cheese.
I would note that three of four dairy errors involved free food.  Apparently my free food reflex remains strong enough to send a direct chomp signal without doing any cross-checking.


ReeD said...

This is awesome. My doctor recommended the same thing, and I realized how much I love dairy because I too kept inadvertently eating it. No cheese? Oh man, what's life?? :)

hannah said...

I became lactose intolerant about 2 years ago and it sucks. But the good news is, Teague, that even if you're lactose intolerant, small quantities of cheese (esp. hard cheese like cheddar, parmesan, etc.) should be fine. And yogurt is fine, too, because the cultures in the yogurt eat the lactose. So while you might play it safe these next 10 days for your doctor, after that, you won't have to live in a completely cheeseless world. Though the loss of ice cream can just not be made up for.