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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bathroom break?

I'm into classes now and I'll post about that later. But this photo of President Bush at the UN Security Council meeting today really deserves immediate posting:

If you don't believe me, the original can be found at Reuters.

A) George Bush is passing a note to Condi about having to use the bathroom, and B) Reuters actually decided to publish the photo. W has also added an extraneous question mark, but that's nothing new.

(I saw this in a Wonkette post.)


LJ said...

This might be the only time in my life that I'll side with Shrub (hopefully I won't go to hell for this). As this story points out, it seems perfectly perfectly reasonable to ask about protocol for things like that at a big formal meeting. Of course, he should've figured these things about by now after 5 years of being president. But still, I think that even a miserable piece of subhuman scum like GWB deserves some privacy when it comes to visiting the little president's room.

What I think is maybe even funnier is this picture of Bush winking at the Chinese president.

teague said...

Yeah, I think the weirdest part is that Reuters published it.

LJ said...

The article I linked to indicates that the photographer had no idea what the note said when he took the picture. And the caption that Reuters put on doesn't mention anything about it. Like the editor wanted it to just quitely speak for itself.