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Friday, September 23, 2005

Bike threats

There's a tall chain link fence on the other side of the alley behind our house; it fences off the (blacktop) playground at the neighboring elementary school.

I lock my bike in the back yard, and use the alley to go in and out. As I was leaving today, it was recess and there were two little girls hanging onto the fence across from our gate.

Girl 1 (w/ adorable pigtails): I'm gonna take your bike!

Girl 2: Shut up!

Me: Uh, sorry I need it.

Girl 1 (more ferociously): I'm gonna take your bike!!! [spying housemate's fancy bike inside yard] And then I'm gonna take that bike!

Girl 2: Shut up!

Me: Bye.


teague said...

In a sad postscript, this morning I found that my housemate's bike had been stolen. It was a very nice full-suspension mountain bike, locked with a cable instead of a U-lock; she had been meaning to get a better lock for a couple weeks.

Presumably it was not the girl with the pigtails.

teague said...

Okay, surprising post-postscript: Sarah (whose bike it was), housemate John and his girlfriend Marov went looking for the bike this afternoon. It's a very distinctive bike that's easy to spot -- and they saw a kid riding it three blocks south of here. He was with a group of 5 other kids on bikes, and was popping wheelies in the street. Sarah pulled her car in front of him, jumped out and screamed "get off my bike!" She grabbed the bike, put it in the trunk and took off. She estimates the kid was 12.

The police officer she talked to later said this particular group of kids has been in trouble a lot and has been responsible for a fair amount of crime in the neighborhood. Not surprisingly, they are without parents and have only grandparents who don't really have the ability to look after them.