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Monday, September 05, 2005

Fells Point

I took a bike ride to Fells Point today, which is a hip used-to-be-industrial neighborhood down by the harbor. On the way there I met up with John (from my class) at his place in Mount Vernon and we rode there together. We had been down there on Thursday for the "scavenger hunt" on our "Baltimore day" orientation. I had snapped this picture on my cell phone:

Odd, yes? Anyway, the impetus for going back there was that Sarah Brown (the Sarah in the program who doesn't live in my house) had mentioned there's a good record store there called Sound Garden (I think it predates the Black Hole Sun guys). It turns out it's pretty good, and the prices were cheaper than what I'm used to from Mpls -- i.e. new CDs were $10 to $14. I bought a recent Super Furry Animals double album (Guerilla) -- the new copy was only $11, and when I went to buy it the guy asked if I wanted to buy the $8 used copy instead. Score! (I promise not to use that interjection again.) Anyway, this is about the only thing I've found that's cheaper.

Fells Point is all cobblestoned and such, and was cool to walk around. It's not that convenient, but I'll probably come back on a regular-enough basis to go to Sound Garden. The bike ride is about 3.5 miles, but it's almost all downhill on the way there (which is fun, though as I said the traffic and pavement are scary), so the ride back is a bit of a drag.

Tomorrow we have IPS orientation. Odd, I know, but this will be covering more nuts-and-bolts details like course progressions. We also have a lunch with the faculty.

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