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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blizzard, etc.

To recap a few weekend highlights that I didn't get to post before because the pictures were being balky:

When they said we might get a foot of snow Saturday night, I didn't think it would really happen, since it seems like snowfall predictions need to be put through the formula [prediction - hype - cautionary overestimation +/- uncertainty = actual snowfall]. But it was snowing pretty well when I went to bed on Saturday, and it we actually did have about a foot in the morning. Quite a bit for Baltimore. Two views from our front porch:

And the scene out our back door. The chain link fence on the schoolyard behind us was turned almost solid by the heavy, wet snow.

Amidst all this blizzarding, Reed came to visit over the weekend. He was in DC for 5 days or so, and I went down to hang out there on Saturday, and then he came back to Baltimore Saturday night, returning to DC Sunday. It was great to see him, as we seem to have similar taste in conversation. In a surreal twist, we saw Katy Weinberg (from Carleton) at the Smithsonian American History Museum. She was in town helping with a conference, but we took advantage of the weird coincidence to catch up, and Katy tried her best to convince us to accuse her boss of being a Snuffalupagus (don't ask). We also went to the Smithsonian Postal Museum, which was part interesting and part hilarious. Reed is in the middle of more than a month off from work, which makes me rather envious.

Anyway, now we've had a couple days of temps in the 50s, so the snow is on its way out and my internal calendar thinks it's April...


LJ said...

Well, we don't have much snow on the ground, but when I arrived at work the windchill was apparently -32. It's supposed to get all the way up to zero today, and then down to -15 tonight (actual temp, not windchill).

teague said...

I'd like to get a couple of days of that kind of weather here, but I can't say I miss an entire winter's worth.

By way of contrast, the highs have been in the 30s here the last few days, and all anyone can talk about is how cold it is...

ReeD said...

Look! I finally re-figured out the URL to your blog! :) And since your blog involves more than a post every 6 months about how much I love San Francisco (oy vey), it might even be interesting enough to follow regularly! Hooray!

I hope Baltimore continued to freak out at all the snow. I didn't mention it to you since you had lots of work, but I was stuck at Penn Station for about 5 hours... But the people-watching was great and I wrote about them in my (real) journal.

teague said...

Crap, stuck at Penn Station for 5 hours? Sorry about that. It was a lot of snow, but I'm still surprised it screwed things up that much. Would have been faster for me to drive you back to DC, since the roads were pretty clear by then.

Anyway, glad we had the chance to get together while you were out this way.