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Monday, February 06, 2006


So we had a Super Bowl party Saturday. I'd say about 15 people came over, and it was nice to sit around and chat. In years the Patriots play, I'm able to at least pretend that I care about the outcome of the game, but this year there wasn't even any pretense. No matter, it's worthwhile to see as a cultural event. There was lots of atrocious (from a nutrition standpoint) food, and I noticed a general blech feeling as I was going to bed.

Natalie and her husband Gabe had a very fine party on Saturday evening. (They have three kids, which makes that much more of an achievement.) The Natalie makes excellent sangria, and Gabe has a mighty nice DJ setup that he mixed music on. They live a couple blocks south of here (right about where Sarah seized her bike a while back), and I took pride in predicting with great accuracy how long we had to walk there before the thunderstorm hit.

I'm feeling a bit swamped with work already, which is unfortunate, but not in the same drinking-from-a-fire-hydrant way as last term. I've just got to get to spring break in March, when two of my classes will end, and then I'll be golden.

I've sent in my GAO summer internship application. I really want to get it, but it's very competitive, so I'm preparing some others, too. The Baltimore Mayoral Fellowship is another priority. Wish me luck.