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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gmaps Pedometer

This Gmaps Pedometer is awesome. If you're just trying to measure the length of a route, using Mapquest or whatever can be frustrating, or even impossible if part of the route doesn't use roads. Or if you're trying to map a bike route and Mapquest wants to take you on the interstate. But this pedometer thingamajig makes it as easy as a few double-clicks on a Google map. The satellite imagery allows you to locate routes that aren't on roads. (Thanks to Andrew and David for the tip-off.)

Another great feature is that the pedometer is somehow linked with an elevation database for U.S. maps. It can display a line graph of the elevation along a route, which is really nice for biking, and would be incredibly time-consuming to do by hand. And you can save your routes, so here's a bike ride that I've posted about before with the elevations shown. Pretty cool.

In other news, I relived my Carleton late-night paper writing this past week, staying up past 3 am writing (different) papers two nights in a row. I slept late today, though, so I'm recovered.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my MacBook Pro. Perhaps too eagerly, actually -- I sort of feel like I'm waiting for my wife to give birth or something. I've already bought the crib. Anyway, it's supposed to get here on March 21.


Anonymous said...

I took a qualifying exam last week, and by studying into the night for a lot of days in a row I revisited that old Carleton sleep-deprivation state; it made me kind of nostalgic, in a weird sort of way. Anyhow, hope your term's going well!
- Matt

teague said...

I found it kind of nostalgic, too. I always secretly enjoyed it (sort of) at Carleton, anyway.

Congrats on finishing the qualifying exam. When do you find out if you passed?