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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In San Francisco

So, I've been a bit busy and not blogging so much. I still intend to write that wrap-up post on my first year of grad school (largely for the sake of my own self-assessment), but to just briefly recap what I've been up to:

Went to Davin's graduation in Saratoga Springs this past weekend. I had not been there since he started and it was great to finally see where he goes (er, went) to school and where he lives, and to meet his friends. The actual graduation was, like all graduations, both nice and boring. There were several mentions among the speakers of global warming and Darfur, which I found interesting. Thomas Kean, the former Republican governor of New Jersey who chaired the 9-11 Commission, got an honorary degree. In his remarks he related that quote about "Those who don't particiapate in democracy are destined to be governed by their inferiors," and followed it up with "Think about that...it might already be happening." There was fairly generous applause for that line.

Anyway, Davin is going to California in a few weeks to attend a weeklong whitewater-rafting school, and then hopefully work as a guide for this summer with a company on the American River, about two hours east of San Francisco.

Speaking of San Francisco, that's where I am now, sitting on Reed's living room floor. Check out the view:

Note that you can see the Golden Gate in the distance; if you were to turn to the left, you could see the Bay, the houses climbing the neighboring hill, and the ocean in the distance. It's pretty spectacular. For now, I'm off to eat a crepe for breakfast and then take the train down to Cupertino to join Reed at work and get a brief look at the Apple campus.

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