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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Statistically Significant

Classes are over for the year, had my last one today. I've still got exams, papers and such to go, but I can't believe I'm pretty much half done with grad school. I'll post some thoughts on the first year later (you're waiting with bated breath, I know).

We had our last Stats/Econometrics class last night. The course, along with our first-semester stats course, had been taught by Keenan Dworak-Fisher, who is a really cool, relatively young guy who works at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a thank-you gift, we gave him a t-shirt:

This was partly my idea, partly Kat's idea. A bunch of us ordered shirts, too, which meant getting a custom shirt was cheap and, of course, we got to have shirts. Keenan seemed to like it, anyway, and we took a class picture with a bunch of us wearing them.


LJ said...

...and the more of you that order shirts, the more true they are!

LJ said...

Okay, this doesn't have anything to do w/ anything, but I had to share w/ someone: I just ate lunch, and the cafe place downstairs usually has CNN going on a TV. A "Travel Tips" section was on, talking about how hotels, trips, airfare, etc is all going to be more expensive this summer. Their big money-saving tip? Religious Retreats: go stay with a monastary in Europe or someplace. Seriously. WTF?

Also, congrats on being (almost) half done! It's kinda cool that you have a definitely (a relatively near) endpoint for your grad studies to keep an eye on.

teague said...

That is very weird. Who comes up with stuff like that? I suspect it speaks more to the difficulty of filling a 24-hour news channel with content than it does any sort of religious obsession...