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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Off to Work

When I left for San Francisco, it was pleasantly springy; when I returned on Saturday, scorching, humid summer had arrived.

Today (Tuesday) was my first day at GAO. It was really quite exciting and I think I'll have a great summer. As per personal policy, I won't be blogging about work. But I think it's okay if I mention that the eight other interns on the Physical Infrastructure Team seem cool; most are also in policy grad programs, and most of our desks are in the same room. Also, the project I will be working on has to do with assessing public-private partnerships for transportation infrastructure -- they're on the rise, but little work has been done on them, so it'll be neat to dig into the issues.

I'm also thrilled to have a daily bike commute again. My 1.5-mile route to Penn Station is all downhill in the morning, with synchonized stoplights, so I avoid getting sweaty. (Of course, the evening is a different story.) This is along with almost an hour on the train, but there will be friends from my program to chat with most of the time (about half of us are commuting to DC), and I just kind of like riding the train.

Anyway, I confirmed that I can have July 3rd off, so I'll definitely be able to make it to Minnesota for the Carleton mini-reunion camping trip.

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