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Monday, March 26, 2007

Songs of the Moment (An occasional feature)

A new music edition, seeing as I have gotten four new albums this month, all of them good:

> Modest Mouse - We've Got Everything
> Modest Mouse - Spitting Venom [mp3]
> LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous! [mp3]
> LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends [mp3]
> !!! - All My Heroes Are Weirdos
> !!! - Must Be the Moon [mp3]
> Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running

Really, all these albums are awesome. I wish the new Modest Mouse didn't sound quite so shiny -- I long for the days of The Moon and Antarctica, when the major label production budget let the sound sprawl without pop polish. But I guess I can forgive the more mainstream production since the essential character of the band remains. The presence of Johnny Marr isn't all that obvious; "We've Got Everything" deserves to be a huge hit single.

The LCD Soundsystem record is way better than I expected. You should really grab those mp3s before they disappear (and buy the CD if you like them). I always tend to put LCD and !!! in the same compartment in my brain (not that they're that similar), and LCD usually seemed too antiseptic compared to !!!, but this album doesn't suffer from that. It's downright anthemic. The new !!! album, in any case, is ridiculously funky and catchy, as the linked track attests.

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lj said...

Some music blogs I've been reading talk a lot about Steve Reich and other minimalists as being some of the most influential composers on new art music being made now. Just now I thought another clip of Reich or some post-minimalist composer had come up on my iTunes party shuffle, but no, it was "All My Friends". Have you listened to any Reich or Philip Glass, Teague? The intro is especially uncanny, a little like LCD took a short clip from a minimalist piece, put it through the standard pop chord changes and made it into a rock song.