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Friday, April 20, 2007

Bike Dreams

Peter White Cycles, a small shop in New Hampshire, has a marvelous website. Lots of hard-to-find bicycling stuff, and loving descriptions and advice for each of them. (And adminitions like "This web site can only be viewed with a computer. So, if you're having trouble viewing this site, and don't have a computer, that could be the reason.")

After some time browsing the site, my bicycle gadget horizons have broadened considerably. I've now set my sights on the following lighting setup:
  • Schmidt dynamo hub - German-made dynamo to power your lights that goes in your front wheel; doesn't weigh much, has little drag when lights on, almost no drag when lights off
  • Light sensor - Turns your lights on when it's dark, even if you're, like, momentarily going through a tunnel or something
  • Front halogen, rear LED - With capacitors that keep your taillight and an auxiliary light on the front lit when you stop
  • Busch & Muller DIWA System - Senses when you're stopping, brightens taillight (just like a car), or turns it on for a moment if it's daytime

This would be so awesome. However, all that equipment together costs a good bit more than the entire cost of my newish bike, so I'll wait until I've been working for a while...


Andrew said...

Oh man, Peter White has some nice stuff. But yeah, $$$.

If you'd prefer a more affordable lighting system to lust over, check out http://www.reelight.com/en/.

Hard to find in the States, though. Hiawatha Cyclery (http://hiawathacyclery.com/) can theoretically hook you up, though they don't show up in the online shopping thingy.

teague said...

Hey, those are awesome. Very elegantly simple. They're not as high up as might be ideal, but I guess it's not that frequent that the height of the light matters that much.

Looks like you can order them directly from the manufacturer, though I did run across a guy who posted something about them never delivering his lights after he had paid. You can get the version without the capacitor through a third-party seller on Amazon for $40, but it seems like the version that stays on when you stop would be a lot better.