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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Songs of the Moment (An occasional feature)

I know that this doesn't really matter to anyone except me, but our internet is back up after more than a week away. And the lady on the phone at Comcast explaining why we didn't deserve anything more than credit for the eight days it was out makes me want to leave a flaming bag of dog poo on their front stoop. Anyway, enough complaining:

> Built to Spill - Else
> Outkast - Xplosion
> Xiu Xiu - Suha [YouTube, live]
> !!! - Bend Over Beethoven
> Cat Power - Willie
> Radiohead - Karma Police [YouTube]
> Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Bobby Malone Moves Home [mp3]

The Xiu Xiu clip gives a good sense of their live show, though you need to give it a minute or two to get going.


lj said...

They actually gave you credit for the time it was out? I'm impressed. Not that it doesn't make losing internet suck any less.

I've had several run-ins in the last year with stupid companies doing stupid things, and as a result am becoming even more of a grumpy old man than I already was.

I'll spare you all the ranting, but the Comcast-related story (feel free to just stop reading now): Comcast took over from Time-Warner here at about the same time I ordered internet from T-W. When the guy came to set it up, I wrote a check for the first month's service to T-W and handed it to him. That check was never cashed. I didn't get a bill at allfor a couple months, and then got one from Comcast showing I was overdue for a couple months. I called, and was assured that it was simply taking some time for all the billing info to get transferred from T-W, so I should just wait. Repeat this process about 4 times, until finally I get someone on the phone who agrees that it's ridiculous that they haven't cashed my check from MONTHS ago. After several more calls and support tickets and MN Payment Investigation Forms, they tell me they can't trace where the check is in their system because it was never cashed. And the only way you can prove you're crazy enough to go home is to not want to go home. The only chance was to ask the installation guy, who of course doesn't remember a job he did months ago. So I finally have to pay again, with their assurance that really, they *promise* not to mysteriously find and cash that other check.

I am currently researching a Flaming Dog Poo delivery service. I'll keep you updated.

teague said...

We've had a few day-or-so outages that we didn't get credit for, but I really thought that being out for more than a week justified a more-than-proportional credit. A weeklong outage seems unreasonable...the credit is for $10, while we all spent a week staying on campus late just so we could get our work done. Comcast was not persuaded, though.

Anyway, your Comcast experience sounds pretty dang aggravating. There's nothing worse than having to repeatedly call a call-center-type-place and have them not solve your problem (esp. when they caused it).