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Friday, April 13, 2007

Of pens and bikes

Our internet had been down since Wednesday afternoon, and just came back now...not exactly "Comcastic," as the cable company would say. (I note that their term and its accompanying ad campaign has been pre-infused with irony so as to guard against my sarcastic use. But take that, Comcast, I'm doing it anyway.)

Anyway, also in the category of things that seem like small annoyances but are actually big problems, my bike lock wasn't working most of this week. It jammed when I was in a hurry, and in my haste to lock it, I managed to pull out the key when it was only half locked, leaving it un-unlockable. I tried a few strategies to fix this, but had no luck. Then I remembered the hubbub a couple years ago when it was publicized that some Kryptonite locks could be opened with a certain inexpensive brand of pen. I was under the impression that mine was old enough that it did not have the vulnerability, but I tried it anyway.

Fortunately/unfortunately it worked. Really easily. I just took the top off this free hotel pen, jammed it in and turned, and it opened right up.

I guess I really ought to get a new bike lock. That's a bummer, because this one just happens to fit nicely in my cargo rack.

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