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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Three-Way Race

You may have seen this elsewhere, but be sure to note the results of the latest Rasmussen presidential poll:

Clinton (D) 45%
Giuliani (R) 35%
Colbert (I) 13%

Colbert also drew 12% against Fred Thompson. In their writeup, Rasmussen rightly italicizes "In both match-ups, Colbert has more support with young voters than the GOP candidate." To repeat, more young people said they'd vote for a mock candidate than the candidate of a major party. Of course, one hopes and expects that those people would not pull the lever for Colbert if they were actually voting, but it does say something about the level of disaffection.


Anonymous said...

If those young voters did actually vote, I'm guessing the vast majority would go for Hilary over Rudy. Which is a good sign for the democrats...


Anonymous said...

Well, I know people who voted for Jesse Ventura because they thought it was hilarious that he was running. Ventura wasn't running as a mock candidate, but I do think that people saw a vote for him as a small act of protest against the lame major party candidates who were running.

Ever seen the movie "Man of the Year"? It's not very good, but it raises some interesting ideas.

teague said...

I agree that there probably wouldn't be too many Republican voters among those polling for Colbert.

Will there be an actual candidate who could fill the Ventura role? It definitely won't be Bloomberg.

As for "Man of the Year," I've not seen it. Looked it up on IMDb, and seems like I should see it at some point...