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Sunday, December 02, 2007


I was going to send this cell phone picture I took to the very amusing “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, but I think the photo came out a little too blurry for that.

I took this at Quiznos (I know, I know, but it's right across the street and I was very hungry) -- perhaps they suspected the substance in the soup of being turkey. Plus, bonus misspelling of "chilli."

Browsing that blog, I point you to someone who is doubly confused about how to use quotation marks, as well as what is only secondarily a bad use of quotes, primarily just a pretty stupid church slogan. (Oh, hold on, I think this is probably my favorite.)


seeligd said...

no way. you should totally send your photo in. also, you've just found elly's favorite website :)

lj said...

Oh, man, what was the dining hall menu sign in this vein? Something with "beef"?

I'm surprised that someone else beat you to creating that blog. Whenever I see "quotes" I'm always tempted to send them to you.

That church slogan veers from stupid to terrifying when you see that, as a commenter points out, it's a common slogan of elite special forces units in various armies. The Christian Soldiers metaphor is always spooky, but that really goes too far.

hannah said...

My mom recently sent me a picture of a sign on the front of the head shop/corner store near her studio (which is run, I might add, by a native of this country). The sign reads:

Close. "Out off" business.

That website is so awesome. I'd say the rest of my day just got booked solid.

teague said...

Elly's blog may have been where I found out about that site, come to think of it...

Don't remember the dining hall sign..but the weird thing about the church slogan is that it's an extremely clumsy/befuddling way of making the general point that I think you're correctly identifying. Yet there it is, molded semi-permanently in fiberglass.

Hannah: you need to send that photo in.

lj said...

I asked hannah about the dining hall sign, and the only one she could remember was "Grilled chicken beast." No quotation marks, but really excellent. I don't know what I was "remembering."

teague said...

Ah yes, I remember that one. I get this great image of the chicken beast resisting being made into dinner. Squawk. SQUAWK. SQUAAAWWWK!!!!

lj said...

Wow, Teague. The great image *I've* got is of you making those noises, in classic Teaguebird fashion.