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Friday, October 10, 2008

Prescient Mouse

When I posted about good reporting on the financial crisis, I forgot to mention This American Life's use of Modest Mouse's "Bankrupt on Selling" in Another Frightening Show About the Economy:
so all of the businessers are in unlimited hell
where they buy and they sell and they sell all their trash to each other
but they're sick of it all and they're bankrupt on selling

Really quite apropos. There are a few different songs on that album that offer a critique relevant to the moment we find ourselves in (I've posted about them before).

Anyway, I'm off on a bike camping trip (w/ Aron) to Harpers Ferry, WV tomorrow morning, taking advantage of the long weekend (for the government, anyway). At about 60 miles, it's a bit farther than I've ever ridden in one day, so wish me luck.


Teague said...

Hey there is Teague your first name? I've never met anyone else with that name before!

teague said...

Hi Teague! Yes, it's my first name, though I've also still never met (in person) anyone else who shares it. (How'd you end up at my blog?)

Teague said...

Excellent question. I set up a google alert on "Teague." I'm a glass artist and sell online so I wanted to know when people were talking about me. I haven't met anyone with my name either. How do you pronounce it? I know that mine is incorrect, by my mother's design, it's pronounced to rhyme with Teague

teague said...

Ah, I see. Nice-looking glasswork, BTW.

"Like 'league' with a 'T'" is what I tell people. So I think we say it the same.

(This comment thread makes it look like I've developed a multiple personality disorder.)