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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sudden Awareness

Perhaps you've noticed this on your local public radio station, too: Here in DC, one of the main October NPR sponsors has been "Medtronic, in recognition of Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month"

To me, this sounds like you might be walking down the street sometime during October and a man (from Medtronic?) will jump out from behind a shrubbery and scream "YOU HAVE A HEART!" at you through a bullhorn. Which would be doubly effective, because in addition to his statement, it would also cause your heart to pound, making you palpably (and suddenly!) aware of its existence.

However, in the last week or so, the sponsor script has changed to "Medtronic, in recognition of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month." Ah, I see.


lj said...

Ha! I agree. It reminds me of my and Melinda's favorite typo, on the Rueb menu: "Chicken Anyone!" I always pictured leaping up, picking someone at random out of the crowd, and heaving a roast chicken at their head.

And I guess someone else, agreed, too. There's a TV commercial that Hannah and I noticed for some snack mix with nuts, and the deep, dramatic voiceover builds up to the phrase, "...a delicious nut snack." But it sounded just like "...nut sack." And then the next time we saw it they had changed it (I forget how).

The various days/weeks/months in awareness of something are completely out of control. One day my sister told me that the Macalester cafeteria was observing National Linguini Day, but she thought they might've just made it up. I googled, and, well...check it out. I was going to list a couple of the most hilarious ones, but there are too many. Although since this is your blog, Teague, I will direct your attention to June 8 and June 21. Mark your calendar.

teague said...

Those are indeed two fine holidays that I would be happy to celebrate...

Anyway, who the heck thought that the phrase "delicious nut snack" was good ad copy even if it didn't sound lewd?