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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home haiku

I formally became the owner of a condo today, which is very exciting and slightly scary. It's in Mount Pleasant, only a few blocks from where I've been living. I love the neighborhood, which is quiet and leafy, but also near all the urban amenities. I move on Thursday, and will probably post a couple pictures at a later date.

Because I realized that I would not be able to smash a bottle of champagne across the bow of my apartment and roll it off the dry dock into the water, I gave some thought yesterday to a proper ceremonial christening of my new place. I decided to move my Magnetic Poetry kit into the apartment first thing after getting the keys and compose a poem in recognition of the occasion. I mentioned this plan to three different people, and two of the three said "Ooh, ooh, a haiku?" -- which I wasn't specifically planning on for the format, but it seemed a good fit:


hannah said...

Holy crap, Teague! I didn't realize that you'd bought a condo! Wow! Congratulations! Welcome to the brave new world of home ownership! And nice haiku, by the by. If we had done such a thing when we first moved into our house, it would have been much more doom and gloom and less spring springing and hope. So it sounds like you're off to a decent start. Way to go!!! I wish you lots of happy moving vibes. And doughnuts.

seeligd said...

Holy crap, squared! Congratulations!

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merry said...

hello...nice to visit your blog..more inspiring me

Bairbre Aine said...

Happy Home Ownership!
Hope you'll keep haiku's on going.