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Monday, March 07, 2011


A package of chicken gizzards and hearts (well, okay, mostly gizzards) was abandoned on a random shelf in Giant, away from the meat section. Perhaps the potential buyer was disheartened when s/he noticed the disclaimer about gizzards?


gastropodblue said...

You might have already seen this, but if not I think you'll like this blog: http://someoneelsewillputitback.com/

hannah said...

I love advertisements and labels that seem excessively honest like that. Mostly gizzards! Don't be too disappointed that there aren't more hearts here! Sorry! We warned you!

It reminds me of the "about a foot long" hot dogs at the MN State Fair.

Anonymous said...

Gizzards are really good, man.


Teague said...

That blog is pretty funny -- a prime example of a vein of humor that was impossible to mine prior to the internet!

At the grocery store last night, a guy tossed his package of frozen crab cakes into the small Pepsi refrigerator case as I was waiting behind him in the checkout aisle. Classy!

lj said...

Holy lord... I was just looking at that blog some more, and found this most incredible paragraph:

"Being middle-class is sometimes confusing if you don’t pay enough attention. Lose concentration and you can end up trying to make guacamole balls, dipping Parma ham in your hummus, eating artichoke hearts off cocktail sticks, having an affair with someone else’s secretary…"

That opening sentence is incredible. How true!