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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving Miscellany

Sigh -- I hate moving. Every time, my reaction is "How could I possibly have so much junk?" And now, I'm moving to a much smaller place with very little in the way of storage, so it's forcing me to think a bit more carefully about what I actually need. I've already donated/recycled/thrown out several hundred pounds of stuff, and this weekend I've been juggling Craigslist buyers for some of the bulkier things, like the futon in the basement. As for moving the things that I'm holding onto, a big step for me: I've hired movers because I ended up having to move on Thursday, and am loathe to cajole friends to show up for uncompensated manual labor after work. At least this way, none of my friends will end up being crushed by the sleeper sofa while trying to heft it up to my third-floor apartment.

Craigslist is always an adventure. A lady who bought my chair and ottoman said that she recently sold something on Craigslist for $500 and the buyer tried to pay her with $500 of Starbucks gift cards. And some of my email interactions with potential buyers make me despair for the state of written communication. Missives along the lines of "im looking 4 futon how is it would you take $40" not only make it hard for me to take you seriously, but can also make it legitimately difficult to figure out what you are trying to say.

Also, a squirrel ran into the back yard this afternoon carrying an entire doughnut in his mouth. Perhaps he snuck into the post-worship coffee hour at the church up the block. He lugged the doughnut with him up onto the top of my (soon-to-be-disposed-of) car -- I think he was looking for a safe place to stash it.

Oh, and that reminds me of a squirrel I saw outside work last week: He found a discarded paper napkin, which apparently smelled enough like food that he wanted to take it with him. He proceeded to stuff as much of it as he could into both cheeks, but it didn't all fit. There was a big bulge of white napkin hanging out below his mouth, and as he ran away he looked like a squirrel wearing a fake Santa Claus beard. (I tried to get a picture, but failed.)


applegac said...

Teague, I'm so sorry you have to move. And sorry your car is soon-to-be-disposed-of after all this time. I hope you wind up liking your new place as much as you've liked this house for the past few years.
Your squirrel-with-doughnut anecdote makes me wonder if you're now padding your stories with doughnut references just to maintain your top spot in doughnut-related Google searches. I hate to see you pad your statistics like this.

Teague said...

Thanks Risa -- I do think I will like the new place, although there are certainly things I will miss (gardening and ping pong, in particular).

As for your charge that I am padding my posts with doughnut references for Google's benefit, that is outrageous! Any mentions of doughnuts -- glazed doughnuts, jelly doughnuts, cake doughnuts, or other varieties of delicious doughnuts -- occur simply because I find these doughnuts and doughnut-related occurrences worthy of writing about, not because of a cynical effort to manipulate doughnut search results by using the term "doughnuts" more frequently.

lj said...

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