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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bikes, Tornadoes, Becky, Davin

I did some shopping for bikes yesterday and today, test-riding at a few different places. Partly because they're the ones everyone seems to sell, and partly because they're the best no-unnecessary-frills fit for what I need, I'm primarily considering Treks. Specifically the 7.2 FX or 7.3 FX, about $380 and $460, respectively. Either would be a significant improvement in bike, though for at least 200-some dollars more than I could fix my current bike for. And then there's having to be more careful about where I leave it...though it was really nice to ride a decent bike on my test rides. I'm mulling it over until Monday, in any case.

In other news, Becky Anthony was unexpectedly in town this morning (she's here for a wedding). We went to the farmer's market and had brunch at Pete's Grill down the street. (Blueberry pancakes and hash browns, I need to find an excuse to go there more frequently.) I hadn't seen her in quite a while, so it was good to catch up.

We talked about what our siblings are up to. As for mine, I just got some pictures of what he's doing. Having finished his season as a whitewater rafting guide, Davin is rebuilding the deck on our uncle Lin and aunt Elaine's house in Moraga (Marin County), California. At least he's got a good view:

A free place to stay in Marin County isn't bad, either.

He's also repairing a water-damaged corner of the house. Lin was inspecting last week and stepped on a rotted part of the roof and fell through to the room below. Given that he's in his 60s, it's miraculous that he's mostly okay.

In more aunt and uncle house adventures, the first tornado to hit Maryland in four years managed to hit Helena and Michael's house in Severna Park last night. They have a hole in their roof and trees down, but everyone is fine.

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