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Friday, September 22, 2006

Talking Heads

I've wandered into what I believe is the leading edge of a period of fascination with The Talking Heads. This has mostly happened via YouTube. Now I need to get some albums.

You probably already knew this, but David Byrne's blog is great. I like this rundown of "Recent Doublespeak:"
War in Iraq used to refer to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Unlawful combatants — a meaningless phrase intended to allow trial without due process, which turns back the legal clock in a developed country by at least 100 years.
Rendition has been substituted for kidnapping.
Freedom has been substituted for economic exploitation and corruption.
Globalization has been substituted for corporate rule.


lj said...

The Talking Heads are awesome. I can hook you up with some more tunes, if you're interested (although I am notoriously slow at getting together promised MP3s/CDs, I do eventually do it). I'll have to take a look at those YouTube links, I haven't seen hardly any of their videos before.

teague said...

Yeah, I know lots of people have known for a long time that the Talking Heads are awesome, but I'm a little behind the curve. (Though I always did really like Once in a Lifetime as a kid.) Feel free to send me some tunes, though I would settle for a recommendation of a first album to buy.

lj said...

I'm not sure how much help I can be picking albums, actually. I just have their greatest hits package (Sand in the Vaseline: Popular Favorites") and Sp Eak In Gi N To Ngu Es. The latter might actually be a pretty good place to start, although I prefer the live version of "Girlfriend Is Better" on SitV, which I think is actually from Stop Making Sense (still with me?). SMS would also be a good place to start (although allmusic.com claims that a special edition or a not-on-CD earlier live album are better). My favorite songs on SitV are from SMS and Naked ("Blind", "Mr. Jones", "(Nothing But) Flowers").

I also have, and like, David Byrne's solo album Feelings (apparently allmusic doesn't like it...hey, he was raised in Baltimore?).

My mom just loves "Once In A Lifetime." It's one of her favorite songs.

...and I think I win some sort of prize for most link-filled and least coherent comment.

teague said...

Thanks for the thoughts on albums, LJ. I actually think I need to get Stop Making Sense, since it is reputed to be the best live music film ever made. (Amazon used to be tenacious about recommending it to me back when I was buying music video DVDs on there all the time.)

And Byrne was raised in Baltimore? That's funny, I had never heard that either. Perhaps I can find out where exactly it was and make a pilgrimage to the Byrne homestead. Say, him and Tupac, I'll make a day of it.