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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm excited to go see The Long Winters, TV on the Radio and Broken Social Scene in the near future after a period of thin concertgoing. Made me want to make a list of bands I've seen live, seen here in the order they come to me (with some alphabetical ones toward the end, as I scrolled through iTunes). This includes some that I saw as opening bands, and a few I saw at festivals:

Modest Mouse (x2)
Ugly Casanova
Built to Spill (x3)
Jason Collette
The Weakerthans
My Morning Jacket (x 2)
Broken Social Scene (x 3)
Ted Leo & Pharmacists (x 3)
Matt Pond PA
The Eels
The Flaming Lips
Sigur Ros (x2 -- best concerts I've been to)
The Album Leaf
The Long Winters (x2)
The Decemberists (x2)
Bright Eyes
Xiu Xiu
Hail Social
Spoon (x2)
Super Furry Animals (x2)
Belle and Sebastian
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Dan Bern (x2...or is it 3?)
De La Soul (x2)
Wilco (x3)
Mark Mallman (a number of times)
Kid Dakota
The Olympic Hopefuls
Hockey Night
Cat Power
Death Cab for Cutie (x3)
The Delusions
The Shins (x2)
The Dismemberment Plan (x3)
The Faint
Fountains of Wayne (I got a guitar pick!)
French Kicks
Guided By Voices
Har Mar Superstar
Interpol (x2)
Jim Yoshii Pileup
John Vanderslice
Les Savy Fav
The Hold Steady
Love-Cars (x2)
Mike Doughty
Orenda Fink
Pedro the Lion (x2)
Q and Not U
The Reputation
Rogue Wave
They Might Be Giants
Oranges Band
Urban Hillbilly Quartet
The Walkmen
The Wrens (x2)
Yo La Tengo

That's 67 bands I've seen live (not including the ones I've seen live and didn't like). Off the top of my head, my favorite shows were probably Sigur Ros, Ugly Casanova, Les Savy Fav, Blur, The Faint, My Morning Jacket and Spoon.

Alright, that's enough self-indulgent posting for now...


doug said...

What about all the shows at Carl-town?? Sugar Hill Gang, Ozomatli, Los Lobos, Happy Apple, etc.? Did you not make it to those or not like them or what?

teague said...

Well, I just forgot about some of those. Ozomatli is on the list, but Los Lobos and Happy Apple should be. Happy Apple I actually saw again after seeing them at the Cave...we went to a club in St. Paul, and it was a really great show.

Sugar Hill Gang is another issue. Whether I enjoyed them or not is an open question, but I also kind of feel like I didn't really see Sugar Hill Gang. I saw a 20-years-on cultural echo.