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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Truth

Syncing my cell phone with my computer got a little heavier than I anticipated. I was presented with these options:

"Merge data with the truth"
"Push the truth on the device"
"Pull the truth from the device"

I chose to merge the data with the truth. I figure any distortion of the true truth is probably worth the added convenience of having my phone remind me of appointments.


lj said...


erin said...

Teague!! Did you know Jesse got a pirahna too???

teague said...

I did not know that Jesse also got a piranha. Who "sent" him his? That makes the list:

Teague (from Erin)
Erin (from Jesse?)
Matt and Risa (from Teague)
Jesse (from ?)

So are we pretty sure it was Hannah?

hannah said...

No, no, I swear I'm innocent! I've been in the fridge!
Why does everyone think it was me?

John Linnell said...

I already confessed! Why don't you believe me?

I thought that if we couldn't actually build birdhouses in your souls, the next best thing would be a fish in your fridge (or home appliance/furnishing of choice).

This is just Phase 1 of our Make-A-Fish project. Soon every American, and select Albanians, will have their greatist wish, a shellacked fish!

teague said...

Well, Hannah, you acted a bit coy when I asked if it was you. And it seemed like something you might do. Do you have any other suspects with the means and motivation to pull this off? We can eliminate Erin, Jesse, M&R and me from the list, unless the piranha-sender was diabolical enough to send one to his/herself. Anyway, if we take Hannah at her word, my suspect list consists mostly of Sebastian, LJ and perhaps Becky Anthony. (The fish were mailed from the Minneapolis airport post office.)

And Mr. Linnell, why are you trying to cover for the true perpetrator? We did establish that you have access to shellacked fish, but your stated motive seems a bit...contrived. Besides, a shellacked fish is a few slots down from my greatest wish. I can't speak for the Albanians.

john linnell said...

Perhaps your greatest wish is a stuffed aardvark? I would be happy to send you one as a replacement for the fish.

doug said...

In an unsuccessful attempt to figure out where the hell one even buys a shellacked piranha, I typed that term into Google. And, Teague, you're the third hit.

teague said...

Heh, that's awesome. I am a shellacked piranha authority. Everyone needs to find their web niche...

(Let me know if you do figure out where one buys a shellacked piranha.)

hannah said...

I've found the culprit! It's this guy.
He bought four of them. And he's hit number one on google. Coincidence? I think not.

lj said...

You know, if (if!) I was going to anonymously send shellacked fish to people, I would think about sending them through an intermediary, or while travelling, in order to obscure the true return address. Is the MSP postage your only clue?

Just sayin'.