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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bike Camping

Nils organized a one-night bike camping trip this weekend -- up the C&O Canal past Great Falls on Saturday, back on Sunday. One of Nils' coworkers and a friend of hers came along. I'd never been bike camping before, so it was nice to get a chance. I have ambitions to bike the canal up to Cumberland or even follow the linked rail trail to Pittsburg, so this is good practice.

The one-way mileage was a bit more than 20 miles, which is pretty low-key as far as bike trips go. I carried my small tent, sleeping bag and other gear on my bike fairly easily. Though we did cheat a bit and bike into Potomac, MD last night to buy additional food at the grocery store.

One thing about the canal towpath is that your stuff can get a kinda dusty after a while:

Good trip...a couple more pics at Flickr.


lj said...

That sounds like a fun little trip. Looking at your flickr photos...the kitten that keeps showing up is just really excessively cute.

Speaking of bike trips, I keep meaning to pass around a link to cowspokes.com: Prospy Tim and a friend are trying to bike from Alaska to Panama for adventure and donations to Heifer International.

teague said...

I know, isn't it just hard to take how cute it is?

Thanks for the link to Cowspokes. I read through their posts, and that's a pretty cool adventure. Also, I've heard that Heifer is one of the most effective development charities. Between the two, definitely good reason for a donation.

teague said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that we saw a BEAVER alongside the trail on the way back into Georgetown early Sunday morning. It was pretty big, just hanging out with wet fur and that distinctive flat tail, looking at us. "Yep, I'm a beaver. I live in DC."

lj said...

That is not the kind of animal I would expect to see in DC. There's probably a political joke about damming and clogging or something to be made here...

Similar to that, H and I saw a deer near Lake Harriet the other day. I wouldn't have thought there was enough undeveloped land around there, but maybe the bird sanctuary is bigger than I realize.

And you're right, from what I've read Heifer is one of the best charities working in that arena.